Spring Term Abroad Timeline For Faculty

Spring Term Abroad 2020 Timeline

OCTOBER 31, 2018 – Using the INITIAL REQUEST form, professor makes initial notification of intention to teach an STA course to 1) Dept. head (get signature), 2) Dean (get signature), and 3) Center for International Education[CIE].  The form includes course title, # of credits, and several descriptive sentences about course content and dates and locations of travel.

The INITIAL REQUEST will be reviewed for academic merit by department heads and Deans; questions from CIE will be addressed to faculty. The faculty member may at this point hear from the International Education Committee, regarding preliminary plans and advice.

MARCH 1, 2019 – Completed Proposal (3 page form) and attached draft syllabus due to CIE.  Proposal will be reviewed for completeness by the International Education Committee.

APRIL 14, 2019 – Course proposals should be submitted to C&D when necessary (new courses, substantially revised courses). C&D may address questions to the faculty member at this point, asking for clarifications or revisions.  Please inform CIE when you have C&D approval.

Summer 2019– Faculty shore up logistical and academic details.  Any revision of plans should be communicated to the International Education Committee.  Get photograph and description of program to CIE for inclusion in Spring Term Abroad 2020 brochure on web and in print. Send final price details (program costs per student and faculty expenses) to CIE.


Early Sept.  Reminder to get material (photograph and description) to CIE if you have not already done so. Courses should have C&D approval before CIE publicizes it on web-site.

September 19,  11 AM to 3 PM -- Study Abroad Fair – Leyburn Library - an opportunity to inform students about study abroad opportunities in general and spring term in particular, also to alert them to the availability of financial aid. 


Faculty should complete the Individual Student Expense Budget form for their program and turn in to the Financial Aid office with copy to the Center for International Education.

October 7 at 6:30 pm in Stackhouse Theater. General information meeting, preceded by adequate publicity, for all students interested in any spring-term abroad program.  All Spring Term Abroad directors should be present and must have available for distribution the completed Information for Students form.  There will be individual break-away sessions with the program directors in designated classrooms.

OCTOBER 25 - Deadline for students to submit Student Application via offcampus.wlu.edu.

CIE will share applications with Faculty Directors.


NOVEMBER 4 – Date by which students are notified by Program Director of acceptance to program; roster of accepted students sent by Program Directors to CIE and by CIE to Financial Aid. This is the deadline for all program directors to submit final individual student budget sheets for their program to Financial Aid Office and to the CIE. 

During Thanksgiving break - Award notification to students by Financial Aid Office. 


DECEMBER 6  Deadline for students to confirm their participation in the program by electronic signature of the Agreement of Responsible Travel form on their offcampus application and deposit of $250, refundable only in case of medical emergency or if the program is canceled.  The deposit can be paid either by check made out to Washington and Lee University or paid in cash to the Business Office. If a student is on full financial aid for the course, no deposit is necessary but they will have to submit a signed deposit waiver.

All students are committed to the full program cost following the schedule below as of JANUARY 15, 2020, only to be waived or refunded in case of medical emergency or program cancellation. 

CIE gets updated roster to the Financial Aid Office and to the Business Office.

The program fee will be billed and financial aid credited to the student account at the regular February 15 billing date. Payment will be due by March 10. Parents or guardians with payment plans have the option to adjust those plans to cover the additional fees. The payment plans should be adjusted once financial aid is known so that the maximum payment period can be utilized. Parents or guardians without a payment plan may refer to the Billing and Payment section of the University Catalog or the Tuition Information section of the Business Office website for more information. Only the deposit should be submitted directly to the Center for International Education.

DECEMBER 9 – Winter Faculty Academy – Orientation for STA faculty. Monday, December 9th 2:15pm-5:00 pm in Elrod Commons 345



JANUARY 15, 2020 - ‘Drop-dead date’ for students to withdraw from program without incurring full financial obligation.


End February - Deadline for all program directors to submit detailed itineraries and contact information to the Center for International Education.  Program directors should register their travel in the Travel Registry.

APRIL 27 – May 22 – Spring Term.

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