International Student Career Day You're invited!

International Student Career Day provides relevant career development information and guidance to international students who are seeking jobs and/or internships in the United States. All international students are invited to attend this unique career event!

International Student Career Day

October 1, 2021 - Fully Virtual

Registration opens soon! 

1:30 PM Graduate School Opportunities

Learn how to explore graduate school options and about funding opportunities such as graduate assistantships. Presenter: Lori Olan, Associate Director, Career and Professional Development  

2:00 PM International Student Resume Writing and Job Search

Learn how to create an effective US-style resume and use W&L resources to search for jobs and internships. Presenters: Lorri Olan, Associate Director, Career and Professional Development, International Career Fellows

3:00 PM Practical Training 

Understand how your student visa allows you to work in the US through Curricular Practical Training and Optional Practical Training. Presenter: Hunter Swanson, Associate Director, Center for International Education

3:45 PM Work Visa Options

Identify your work visa options after graduation with the guidance of experienced immigration lawyers. Presenters: David Gluckman, Esq. and Jonathan Moore, Esq., McCandlish Holton Law Firm