Virginia Brumby '01

Brumby Despite all advice to the contrary, Virginia Brumby '01, insisted on majoring in Romance Languages at W&L. Since graduation, she has lived, worked, and traveled across six different continents, working as everything from a translator and advisor for VIPs and Royalty in Asia, to an assistant to a National Geographic aerial photographer in South America; from a Paralegal at the Department of Justice in Washington, to a Travel & Leisure journalist in India, from a language teacher for teenagers in France and Spain, to a Diplomat for the Netherlands and Quebec. She earned her MBA from INSEAD in 2009 and currently resides with her French/Spanish husband Christophe and her son Henry in Singapore, Where she runs a Lifestyle Membership (Survival Clinic) that she founded in 2010. She also serves as a Global Trustee and the Singapore President for the INSEAD Alumni Fund.

Virginia offers this advice: "To all the current W&L students with a sense of adventure: Travel! Learn Languages! Live and Work Abroad! The world is you oyster!"