Alvin Thomas '14

ThomasAlvin Thomas is a research data analyst at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine working the field of organ transplantation. After graduating from Washington and Lee in 2014 with a BS in chemistry-engineering, Alvin began a Masters of Science in Public Health (MSPH) program at the Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health. His master's work in the Department of International Health focused on utilizing mobile health technologies to empower community health workers and reduce the burden of HIV in rural Uganda. He also spent time researching diarrhea in rural Bangladeshi children who eat dirt and the prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission in Zambia.

After graduating with his MSPH, Alvin shifted his study of disease prevention and treatment in immunodeficient populations to the United States. Alvin currently works with the Epidemiology Research Group in Organ Transplantation (ERGOT), the largest and most productive group of its kind. His current research focuses on transplant outcomes in older adults, living donor health, the impact of transplantation policies, and the implementation of mHealth technologies in transplant recipient and donor populations.

Alvin encourages students interested in public health, medicine, big data, or poverty studies to reach out. Students can also find other ways to contact him at