Van Nguyen '11

NguyenVan previously worked in management consultant for McKinsey & Company, Vietnam Office, for 4 years. Since joining McKinsey in the summer of 2011, Van has advised Fortunes 500's companies in several industries, including financial services, oil & gas, consumer goods,and public policy, ranging across multiple functions. Her clients were primarily from Southeast Asia aspiring to capitalize on the region's growth potential. The most exotic client location was definitely Papua New Guinea, where Van is pretty sure that she is still among the first 50 Vietnamese nationals who ever set foot on the country!

Post McKinsey, Van had a brief stint working as the Acting Finance Manager of AB Inbev Indochina, the global beer company that produces Budweiser, BudLight, and Corona. Even though the beer stint was short, she definitely gained a new appreciation for accounting and financial control.

Van received two degrees, a BS (Business Administration) and BA (Economics, Honors), from Washington and Lee University where she was a George Washington Honor scholar, co-president of PAACE (Pan-Asian Association) and project team lead with W&L Consulting Group. She is currently based out of Bangkok, Thailand, working on operational expansion in Southeast Asia for a growth-stage Internet service start-up.

Van is eager to advise W&L students who wish to break into MBB (McKinsey, BCG, and Bain) from the undergraduate level. It will not be easy work, but with the right guidance, Van hopes to make the application journey more enjoyable for the future consultants.