Professional Online Presence

Today, a simple click of a button has become the major way employers get to know you professionally and personally. For this reason, developing your online professional presence is of utmost importance through both social and professional networking sites. 

A strong online presence makes it easy for employers to have additional avenues to search and assess you as a potential candidate, so remember to ask yourself... If an employer Googles your name, what would he or she see? What does your online presence say about you?

Find out how to work LinkedIn like a pro, develop your professional online presence/leverage social media and create a digital portfolio to make sure your online presence is as professional as possible!


View tips for how to use and navigate LinkedIn efficiently and professionally

Developing Your Online Image

Social media is a crucial part of your professional image and it is important to understand how to use it to your benefit. Learn how to clean up your profile, leverage social media and brand yourself to find jobs, internships and connections.

Digital Portfolios and Professional Websites

In addition to the use of social media and LinkedIn, a digital portfolio or professional website can help candidates set themselves apart from the competition. A cohesive and professional online presence is becoming a necessary piece of the job search.