Phone and Skype Interview Tips

Tips for Phone and Skype Interviews

The tips for a general interview still apply; however, there are additional aspects of phone and Skype interviews that require your attention.


Career and Professional Development has resources you may need for any type of interview. Our available resources include:

  • Skype room
  • Phone available for phone interviews
  • 5 private rooms for virtual, phone, or Skype interviews
  • Practice interviews with Career Advisors. Schedule via Handshake
  • Self-practice interviews on InterviewStream (Webcam required)
  • Visit our office to reserve the resources you need or send us an e-mail with your reservation request. Students can also call our office at 540-458-8595

Before the Interview

  • Practice a phone interview with a career advisor in our office
  • Create a professional message for your voicemail
  • Record yourself to work on tone/enunciation
  • Use InterviewStream for Skype practice 
  • If using your own laptop, make sure the camera and Skype are working
  • If you want to use the office's Skype room, call or e-mail the office as soon as you know the date to make a reservation
  • Work on body language and eye contact to look natural in a camera
  • Practice speaking clearly and loud enough for the interviewer
  • If you cannot devote enough time to an interview, suggest a specific alternate time to the recruiter

Interview Day

Phone Interview


  • Be ready before the designated time
  • Answer the phone yourself
  • Have your resume out and pen ready to take notes
  • Speak clearly and enunciate
  • Stay present, find ways to let the interviewer know you are still there and connected
  • Taking a phone interview in front of a mirror helps keep you focused and attentive to facial expressions
  • Find a quiet, comfortable place to call
  • Consider standing for the interview, some experts say you'll sound more professional than if you were slouching in an easy chair


  • Chew gum, eat, or drink (although you may have a glass of water just in case your voice gets dry)
  • Interrupt the interviewer
  • Snuffle, sneeze, or cough. If you can't avoid it, say "excuse me"

Skype Interview


  • Be ready beforehand
  • Dress professionally
  • Have your resume ready along with note-taking supplies
  • Keep eye contact with the camera
  • Speak clearly
  • Make sure you are in a tidy and quiet room


  • Stay frozen, use body language to keep engaged
  • Have distracting browsers open on the laptop
  • Panic if a technical issue occurs
  • Rely too much on notes or keep looking away from the camera

After the Interview

  • Follow-up with a thank you note or e-mail within 48 hours
  • Take notes on your strengths and ways to improve
  • Evaluate how you feel about this company and position

The best way to prepare for phone and Skype interviews is to practice regularly. The more comfortable you feel, the more relaxed and confident you will be in the interview. These are general tips, but experience does a much better job of helping you find the best approach to these interviews.